Tzirondarhu Anapu

The Community Network for the Strengthening of Local Seed Systems (RCFSLS) is a
a collaborative effort of four indigenous and peasant organizations – Tzirondarhu Anapu in Michoacán, Mexico; the Indigenous Coalition of Migrants of Chiapas (CIMICH) and the Emiliano Zapata Peasant Farmers Organization (OCEZ) in Chiapas, Mexico; and the Ancestral Governments of Q’anjob’al, Akateko, Chuj, and Popti’ in Sierra de Los Cuchumatanes, Guatemala. Their work consists of constructing a community seed conservatory in San Andrés Tziróndaro, Michoacán, growing out local crop seeds with high nutritional and medicinal value, and an agroecology learning program in native languages that is grounded in indigenous knowledge.

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