Seeds, Soil & Culture

In all corners of our beautiful planet, there are smallholder women and men farmers who sow and conserve local seeds, and manage their land as a living soul. They grow their crops with hard work, trust in traditional knowledge, and belief in deeply-rooted spiritual values. The Seeds, Soil, and Culture fund supports these Earth stewards via organizations that prioritize local farming knowledge, promote local culture, and equitably support women and men.

Seeds, Soil, and Culture grants support farmers who bring their culture to the forefront, who illustrate their beliefs, values, language, ethics, art, music, cuisine, ways of learning, and traditional farming practices through place-based food and farming systems, who recognize that the spiritual unseen can fruitfully bridge living soils with living seeds on the farm.

While we previously funded organizations worldwide, our current geographic priorities are Turtle Island (including the Arctic), Abya Yala (Mexico, Central, and South America), and Moananuiākea (Pacific region following the kelp highway and Austronesian migration). The Seeds, Soil, and Culture fund is managed by RSF Social Finance.


Information in French and Spanish (Download PDF)