Slow Food Ryukyu

The purpose of Slow Food Ryukyu’s Ark of Taste Project is to preserve Ryukyu (Okinawa)’s food heritage for future generations by researching and documenting native plants and prepared foods that are specific to the area. They are interviewing elders, knowledge holders and producers throughout Okinawa Prefecture to learn about Ryukyu food culture, cultivation methods, tools, wisdom and way of life, all of which have drastically changed since Japan annexed the island about 150 years ago. The information gathered supports their efforts to register foods with the Ark of Taste living catalog of foods facing extinction. Slow Food Ryukyu is also preparing and disseminating a booklet to highlight eight Ryukyu foods registered with the Ark of Taste as of 2022, including Shimana (Okinawa Red Mustard) and Fu-nu-Iyu (sun-dried mahi-mahi).

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