Fundación para el Desarrollo del Pueblo Wounaan (FUNDEPW)

Working in Indigenous territories of Panama, FUNDEPW is developing and disseminating hardcopy and digital educational materials in the Wounaan meu language and registering Wounaan intellectual property with the government of Panama. Wounaan territories comprise 17 communities on 350,000+ acres of the Chocó-Darien tropical forest along watercourses that feed into the Pacific Ocean. Building on collaborative work by ethnographers and Wounaan elders, FUNDEPW is also supporting the planting of wild-harvested edible fruits and home garden vegetables and plants. The FUNDEPW team has assembled an archive of 400+ audio files of ancestral stories of Wounaan traditional foodways and biocultural traditions that comprise the content of audiovisual educational materials in Wounaan meu. The team is also revitalizing Wounaan biocultural connections to local birdlife, and the role of traditional music, dance, and art in biocultural conservation.

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